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Why is this is a free service?

We got a couple of questions from users asking why we can offer this service for free. When Google™ introduced sitemaps in 2005 we, as a website development, hosting and seo company, had to learn how sitemaps work. We had to gather information - from Google™ about the 'new' sitemap.xml protocol. For ourselves, for our clients and just because we wanted to know.

With that knowledge we started www.freesitemapgenerator.com which turned out to be very useful for webmasters.

Since 2005 we have crawled 1,.27,829,356,706,27E,+14 bytes -- or +/- 121,907,574 megabytes -- or +/- 116.3 terabytes...
(stats updated daily)

All this traffic including servers to run the software on, has been paid for by our sponsors and premium members. So all we can say: Please visit our sponsors and buy their products!

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